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Asking everyday Americans to navigate health insurance is like asking passengers to fly the plane.

Without proper education and access to information, it's nearly impossible to avoid turbulence along the way.



Outstanding national CIGNA Network

Referrals not required

$594 Individual

$972 Member/Children

$1,111 Member/Spouse

$1,443 Family


Group is NOT required 

Office visit In network NOT subject to deductible/coinsurance

$40 Primary ; $60 Specialist

Prescription: NOT subject to deductible/coinsurance

$25 generic ; $50 brand ; $75 non preferred

X-ray; blood work in network NOT subject to deductible/coinsurance

Hospital/Surgery subject to deductible & coinsurance

Deductible:  In network: $3,000 Single/$6000 Family 

                         Out of network :  $6,000 Single/$12,000 Family 

Coinsurance : In network  30% after deductible

                             Out of network 40% after deductible

Out of pocket max In-net $7,000 Single/$14,000 Family

                                      Out-net $12,000 Single/$24,000 Family

Call for details other options and eligibility requirements

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